Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Auto-pause capture when user switches captured content (#255)

> counter to the user's wishes to inject different input

The user's wish will NOT be subverted; this control will just give the app time to adjust to the change that the user sprung on it. For example, if the user has interacted with the app and asked for the captured media to be written to a file, then when the user clicks share-this-tab-instead, auto-pausing will give the app time to (1) close the old file, (2) open a new file, and (3) start piping new frames to the new file.

> What needs cannot be met without pausing?

Please read my earlier messages, as well as the previous paragraph of this message.

> What processing would this be?

Cropping using Region Capture. If the user starts sharing a new tab, you might want to pause the capture until you can communicate with the other tab, obtain a CropTarget and apply it.

> What constraints would this be?

Meet uses a different frame-rate when capturing tabs, windows and screens.

> > What if the application intends to save different surfaces to different files, and wants to start appending to a new file whenever the user changes the source?
> That application can add buttons for the user to do exactly that.

Why burden the user?

> What if the user intends to save different surfaces to the same file, using this user agent feature?

Then that user will use an app that saves everything to the same file.

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