Re: [webrtc-stats] scalabilityMode: Same as in getParameters() or not? (#731)

I am unsure as to why L3T1_KEY is missing from the table? It is present in the diagrams*

An algorithm for decrementing a spatial layer would be,

  if (svc == LxTy) return L(x-1)Ty
  if (svc == SxTy) return S(x-1)Ty if (x-1 != 1) else L1Ty
  if (svc == LxTy_KEY or LxTy_KEY_SHIFT) return L(x-1)Ty_KEY(_SHIFT) if (x-1 != 1) else L1Ty

and for temporal layers

  if (svc == LxTy) return LxT(y-1)
  if (svc == SxTy) return SxT(y-1)
  if (svc == LxTy_KEY) return LxT(y-1)_KEY
  if (svc == LxTy_KEY_SHIFT) return LxT(y-1)_KEY_SHIFT if (y-1 != 1) else LxT1_KEY

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