Re: [mediacapture-record] Add keyframe interval support. (#216)

To my understanding most encoders configure keyframe intervals in number of frames, not based on time. What's the intended way for an implementation to convert the time interval to a frame interval given that video MediaStreamTracks by definition have no fixed frame rate?

Would it be a better fit to define the keyframe interval as a frame interval? The application might have a better understanding of the rate at which it will feed frames to the MediaRecorder.
Is there specific use case where a time interval is a better fit?

One of the main use cases for recurring keyframes in a non-streamed setting that I can think of is to be able to seek to any given point in the file by jumping to the keyframe prior to that point and decoding your way there. The speed of this process is determined by the number of frames between the keyframe and the point one is seeking to. So to be able to get consistent seek times with a variable frame rate, a key frame interval expressed as a frame interval seems favorable.

A min and a max interval seems like an even better fit for most encoders, but I guess MediaRecorder could be free to infer these.

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