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== RTP Header Extension Encryption ==
Justin Uberti did a presentation in AVTCORE today about the status of RTP Header Extension support in WebRTC:

Current WebRTC implementations (both browsers and SFUs) do not support the negotiation envisaged in RFC 6904, which appears too complex to implement properly. The result has been leaking of RTP header extensions including audio levels), due to bugs in libsrtp and libwebrtc that remained undetected for years. 

This has lead to discussions of how we can make RTP header extension encryption deployable from a protocol and API standpoint.  With respect to APIs, two approaches have been suggested:

1. Add an argument to `setOfferedRtpHeaderExtensions` to indicate whether all the extensions should be encrypted (the default) or not.
2. Add a member to RTCConfiguration: 'negotiate' or 'require'

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