Re: [webrtc-extensions] Feature request: API to explicit MID ordering (#44)

Thank you for the productive discussion. I think making the library stateless is an interesting point I had not thought about.

Here's my position:
- The "normal call setup" (_**not** your use case_): If SDP is the protocol used all the way, mLineIndex is likely not very useful, because the client side doesn't need to know how to generate SDP (it is handled by RTCPeerConnection), and the SFU needs to be fluent in SDP anyway so the mLineIndex would be the least of your concerns if you're parsing the SDP anyway.
- The "virtual endpoint setup" (_**your use case**_) or otherwise translating SDP into an application-specific protocol: If you've taken on generating and exchanging SDP and doing an "O/A dance", I think you have already taken on more complexity than m= line index ordering - you're already translating a custom protocol into SDP. However, if simply exposing the mLineIndex allows your library to be stateless, that is a **nice-to-have feature**, and I wouldn't object to such an API.

**Therefore:** If other browser vendors also see value in this, I'm happy to add it to the spec, otherwise we have risk of cross-browser compatibility issues for the sake of avoiding a simple parse in the application code.

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Received on Wednesday, 22 July 2020 08:55:16 UTC