[webrtc-extensions] Feature request: API to explicit MID ordering (#44)

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== Feature request: API to explicit MID ordering  ==
With Unified Plan Semantics, offer and answer needs to match in the following ways:
1) Order
2) Type
3) MID itself. 

This can create some tricky problems in SFU scenarios. Basically the challenge is that the SFU describing all the streams that can be received requires the SFU to know about the ordering of the MIDs - something that could otherwise be an implementation detail in the client.

Basically forcing the SFU to understand the SDP - something that isn't always desired.

The transceivers() API does expose the MID, but does not explicitly say what the index of the MID is in the SDP. Perhaps a simple extension there can be made?

In addition, there isn't a way to get the index of m=application MID. 

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Received on Thursday, 9 July 2020 15:21:08 UTC