Re: [mediacapture-main] Only reveal labels of devices user has given permission to (#640)

> I'm curious of what kind of sanitization is or will be done, and whether there should be some guidance on what's reasonable.
> Specifically:
> 1. Should sanitization allow multiple instances of the same model of device to be distinguishable? On some systems they may have the same label today. When a user sees "Generic Camera" and "Generic Camera", how do they know which one to pick, without trying them all?
>    a) If the user agent stores the last-used or preferred device, as in the in-chrome device selection proposal, should sanitization preserve the above distinction as well across restarts?
> 2. Should sanitization allow apps apply some heuristics of their own in how to best use the device? For example "XYZ Cam 3000" may advertise that it's capable of doing 1080p at 30fps. But one may find it actually only doing 10fps reliably well. The application can easily add this label (or prefix) to its banlist and constrain it to lower resolution or lower fps. Ideally much of this problem should be solved the the media capabilities API, maybe? But what if the user agent is wrong? The application can mitigate this very quickly. The user agent would take much longer time to change and deploy.
> Thanks.

Evidently the only way to achieve consistency on the front-end is for the front-end to create a uniform UI.

> Most sites show previews on their gear page, which seems like the best way to be sure the right camera is chosen and points the right way

Is that possible without executing `getUsreMedia()` more than once?

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