Re: [mediacapture-main] Only reveal labels of devices user has given permission to (#640)

Thanks much @youennf , this is all terrific!

> For 1, the spec is clear: no label is leaked.

Thats fantastic!  Is that whats covered by "browsing context did not capture" in the second paragraph in [section 9.2.1]( If so, thats great, I just did not realize "did not capture" was ~= "no permission for any device".

> For 3…  we could provide some guidelines in the spec

I think that'd be great, especially if there was specific guidance that could be shared from vendor experience so far.  FWIW, Brave will be adding some mild randomness to these labels, in such a way that we think will fluxom at least naive fingerprinting scripts, but still be useful to people (we haven't implemented yet since we're still looking to see the final state of this spec).

Also, just to say again, I appreciate that you all are partially constrained by web compat concerns, and how willing the WG has been to work through privacy-preserving solutions given those difficulties / constraints.

> For 2, once we are happy with in-chrome picker, the plan would be to either expose only labels for authorised devices

Thats terrific.  Is there a place PING or other interested parties could support in the in-chrome picker work, to help raise and address privacy concerns earlier in the process?

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