Re: [mediacapture-main] Why do we have overconstrained event? (#573)

I agree with @jan-ivar and would vote for B.
Option A requires a comprehensive list of use cases to properly design things, maybe it should be in scope of WebRTC NV.

I can see some usecases.

For local tracks, a browser might be able to support capture of two cameras at the same time, but not three. If one website is already capturing with 1 cameras, a second website might be able to do getUserMedia for 1 camera but not 2. It is unclear what kind of information should be given to the application so that it can take appropriate measures, whether the current OverconstrainedError is a good fit there, what the privacy implications are...

For remote tracks, I can see a case where a user agent may hit a decoder slot limitation, which is a resource shared amongst different applications. In this particular case, the straightforward option would be to have something on receiver side, not on the track. Again, not sure which kind of information should be given to the application.

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