[mediacapture-main] Why do we have overconstrained event? (#573)

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== Why do we have overconstrained event? ==
In practice it seems that constraints would never be violated for getUserMedia()-supplied tracks. You get what your device is configured for. In theory, the device might not give you what you ask for, but in practice you should. At least the way Chrome is implemented, you would never reconfigure a camera such that existing tracks become overconstrained.

According to Chrome's GUM implementer @guidou, becoming overconstrained therefor doesn't seem applicable other than in the event of non-device supplied sources e.g. network media sources such as RTCPeerConnection's remote tracks.

In recent discussions (https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-pc/issues/2121) it is pointed out that constraints are under-specified, and it wasn't clear what constraints should be applicable to remote tracks.

So question: _Why do we have overconstrained if not for remote tracks?_

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