Re: [mediacapture-image] Add pan and tilt constraints (#182)

Thanks @dsanders11 for the PR. As you rightly pointed out, both the UVC spec (section as well as Windows getRange_Pan API use arc seconds as the unit for pan and tilt settings.

@jan-ivar summarized the [options for the spec]( succinctly and based on the discussion in this PR, related issue, and data provided it seems the option “1. Use arc seconds” is the option everyone can live with. As a further data point, I also reviewed some native applications like gucview, and observed they also use arc seconds as the unit.

Given pan and tilt are slightly niche features, my expectation is web developers who’ll make use of these features in their web apps are comfortable working with arc seconds.

I [implemented this feature in Chromium]( ([video]( - note: big file) according to this spec PR to try it out, and noticed no issues. I would like to hear if people have any concerns in merging this PR.

CC : @anssiko

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Received on Friday, 8 March 2019 09:39:16 UTC