Re: ReSpec WebIDL authoring

On 23/04/2015 14:47, Dan Burnett wrote:
>> - We'll switch webrtc when all the features we need are supported, and
>> someone else assures us it all works for them.
> Agreed.

Out of curiosity, I pasted the WebIDL fragments from the WebRTC spec 
into a skeleton spec that would use the new contiguous mode (attached).

I detected one-crashing bug when using our getter on RTCStatsReport 
(which is one of the "special operations" and so documented as not 
supported), so I've removed it from the attached test.

It's not obvious what lack of supports for union types and partial 
dictionaries would entail, but it might just be lack of testing, since 
in that rough test, they seem to be working fine.


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