Re: ReSpec WebIDL authoring

Den 23. april 2015 17:41, skrev Dominique Hazael-Massieux:
> On 23/04/2015 14:47, Dan Burnett wrote:
>>> - We'll switch webrtc when all the features we need are supported, and
>>> someone else assures us it all works for them.
>> Agreed.
> Out of curiosity, I pasted the WebIDL fragments from the WebRTC spec
> into a skeleton spec that would use the new contiguous mode (attached).
> I detected one-crashing bug when using our getter on RTCStatsReport
> (which is one of the "special operations" and so documented as not
> supported), so I've removed it from the attached test.
> It's not obvious what lack of supports for union types and partial
> dictionaries would entail, but it might just be lack of testing, since
> in that rough test, they seem to be working fine.
> Dom

This sounds much better than I was fearing. It wouldn't be the first
time a project's list of "unimplemented features" was out of sync with
the actual software :-)

Can you file a bug with them (or find a bug to attach to) saying "we
need getter support"?

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