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Re: new plan to replace flags with Readiness Markers

From: Renoir Boulanger <renoir@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 10:41:49 -0400
Message-ID: <537CBB2D.5020005@w3.org>
To: public-webplatform@w3.org
Yaay to Amelia!!

Just to confirm a detail or two about what I did yesterday.

While we were at making the changes to the Wiki and would consequently
create jobs in mediawiki job runner, I asked Amelia to do the same
manipulations in the upcoming /upgrade/ (d) version of MediaWiki. The
idea was to test whether the new version would have the same issue we have.

I'm glad to say that it doesn’t! /o/

I plan to migrate the site to the upgraded version after my work on the
SSO. The reason is that I’m still working on the parts and i’m going to
build the new OAuth consumer on top of that version of MediaWiki. We’ll
have two birds, one stone.

Also, not related to my work:

1. Would it be possible that the term of the state is a link to the
other pages that has the same status?

Maybe the wording could have both links, one to the list of readiness
states list, one to the list of pages of the same state. I think it
would be better than a meta-ish page that is holding the code and
document the feature; a page that is in no way useful to any visitors

2. Who volunteers to remove the purple box?


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