Doc Sprint Belgium Canceled, but back in Amsterdam, before Fronteers

Hi all!

I'm sorry to say that the Doc Sprint that was planned in Belgium is not
going to happen. I had a lot of problems with the communication between me
and the venue. Maybe somewhere in the future.

The good news though, is that another doc sprint will be held de day
*before* Fronteers, October 8th!
Sadly, all tickets are already sold out, and there is no way to get more.
But if I can announce it soon hopefully a lot of people will show.
I'm working out all the details at this moment, but I have Fronteers'
consent and it will be an official side-event.

Is there anyone already going to Fronteers and is willing to help out on
the day itself?


Received on Friday, 27 June 2014 11:43:46 UTC