Onboarding new members

Hi, everyone:

Per our conversation this week, here’s a draft of what I generally do when I pick up — or pick on — a new member. Let me know what you think and I’ll add it to the wiki under community:

1. If you are a new member, sign up for the email list and introduce yourself!

2. Everyone can send out a welcome reply to a new member within 24 hours.

3. If you want to be that new member's guide, let everyone know in your reply email. Say, "Welcome, New Member. I will help you get on board."

4. If you've signed up to be that new member's guide:

* send them separate emails, pointing to the contributor's guide & practice page
* get them on to the #webplatform IRC channel and introduce them to others there
* get them to follow @webplatform on twitter & tweet to us
* encourage them to fill out their profile
* get their username & friend them
* let them know about the general meeting at 1pm EDT

5. Follow up within a week:

* remind them you're there for them
* reviewing any steps they've taken, including reviewing any edits
* identify and remove any blockers
* remind them about any benefits

6. As they continue to be involved:

* spot check what they've done and help clear up any loose ends
* call out their accomplishments to others
* encourage them to share what they're doing
* share new opportunities that might be a good fit

Ideas, suggestions, generally feedback welcome.

Julee Burdekin
Content Strategist
Adobe Web Platform

Received on Friday, 6 June 2014 00:14:20 UTC