I should do the same - this is me, let me introduce myself

I should do the same as Michaela: 
My name is Ann-Katrin, I have a broad IT background, started in web development a billion years ago or so but have lately  been working in a different field, with IT more from the business side. Much of my work in the past has been around human-computer interaction and usability, which means I am not the expert on code etc (even if I understand it relatively well) but I can be useful for other areas of the webplatform project, not the least documenting.

Don’t have that much experience with Webplatform yet but I also attended the Docsprint in Düsseldorf and I am looking forward to making myself useful! 

(and no, I haven’t found the glasses I lost somewhere along the way but it was worth it…) 



Received on Tuesday, 3 June 2014 12:06:10 UTC