More compact display for inherited properties and methods in DOM object pages

Feedback needed!

Working through the QA review of DOM pages, I was finding that the endless,
near-identical tables of inherited properties/methods/events distracted
from the main content of the page.  You have to scroll down quite a ways to
reach examples and compatibility.

I've come up with a more compact template and have got some sample pages in
the test wiki.  I'd appreciate feedback before rolling this out on the main

I've got three pages in the test wiki set up to use that template, with
different amounts of content.  Please *don't* edit these pages using the
forms, as it will over-write the custom template call.


Compare with how the same pages currently look on the main wiki:


Ignore differences in which pages show up as links and the fact that most
don't have summaries in the test wiki; the focus is on the layout.

   - Is the compact display *too* compact?  In-between options, such as a
   multi-column bulleted list, are also possible.
   - Does the organization make sense (grouping by
   methods/properties/events instead of grouping by the interface they are
   inherited from)?
   - Should there be different number of results before the results lists
   gets truncated with "More.."?
   - Is the "More..." link obvious enough, or does it need stronger
   formatting? (see the HTMLElement page)  The default table has this link in
   a table footer, but I don't think that can be done with the custom
   templates, since it is always added *after* the footer template.
   - Any other concerns / suggestions / aspects you find confusing?

The new template, for those interested in such things, is at

P.S.  Thanks to Renoir for rolling back his single-sign-on test so that I
could use the test wiki.

Amelia BR

Received on Saturday, 26 July 2014 00:38:32 UTC