Re: Please review WPDS blog post

Thanks all for your reviews, specifically @Doug for setting the missing
flag and pointing out the crazy 3rd person stuff that has been introduced
before I set myself as the author... much better without that mention
anyway! :)= Edits are made based on the tweaks below, please give it a
final look so I can publish it today.

Oh wait, weird! still shows
the outdated version, whereas using the WordPress "Preview" functionality
previews the edits I have made. Hm. I tried dis/enabling it hoping it
generates a new public preview/URL, to no avail. @Renoir?

(People with WP accounts, please review and approve! #ahrgh)

Thanks, *Jay

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Betreff: Re: Please review WPDS blog post

>Hi, Jay, Chris­
>On 9/2/13 12:04 PM, Andre Jay Meissner wrote:
> > Chris and me wrote a resume for the blog. Please review, as always it
> > needs two approvers please:
> >
>This post (and Doc Sprint) looks great! Really good color.
>I suggest a couple of minor tweaks:
>* Does Andre Jay Meissner from Adobe always refer to himself in the 3rd
>person? :P I'm not sure how to fix this, other than to suggest "I (
>Andre Jay Meissner from Adobe) kicked off proceedings"... which also
>sounds weird. Oh, well.
>* "kicked off proceedings" -> "kicked off the proceedings"
>* stuck in: in American English (such as it is), this has a negative
>connotation, like they were forced to do this against their will (like,
>"stuck in traffic" or "stuck in school on a Spring day"). I think in
>British English, it means "to start doing something enthusiastically".
>Maybe "and jumped head-first in to a variety of tasks" or something?
>Thanks again for the Doc Sprint and the report!

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