Calling for proposals: Doc Sprint August 28 Zurich

As discussed in one of the last TF calls the possibility for a Doc Sprint in Zurich/Switzerland shapes up. I would like to attach it *prior* to the ~250 pax conference, so the date would be Wednesday August 28, all day (probably 9 to 6).

I am looking for:

 *   Master of ceremony (@Chris? Any other volounteers?)
 *   Experts (@Tobie, your chance! Any other volounteers?)
 *   Location (working on two local options but @Peter would Google Zurich possibly have enough room to host 50-70 people seated on desks? How is it @Nokia or @Microsoft Zurich?)
 *   Additional sponsoring from other stewards (Swag, Food)

Quick feedback greatly appreciated - ticket sales for the conference are beginning next week and I would like to co-announce the Doc Sprint ideally at the same time.


Received on Thursday, 30 May 2013 13:27:07 UTC