Blog Draft from Julee (was: WPW#4: Visual formatting model from CSS 2.1)

Hi, folks-

Julee wrote up this excellent blog draft, which I approved and published.

For Web Platform Wednesdays blog posts, I propose that a single approval 
should be enough to publish the blog post.

Web Platform Wednesdays, Week 4: Visual formatting
May 29 2013
by Julee
For Week Four of Web Platform Wednesday, we focus on the visual 
formatting model properties: margins, padding, width, height, position, 
float, clear, display, top, right, bottom, left, z-index, direction, and 
unicode-bidi. Best practices are scattered all over the place for some 
of these basic properties:

Remove defaults on different browsers by resetting margins to 0 – wait a 
second… that’s a lot of rendering!
To increase accuracy of finger-based events, increase padding and margins.
When should you use px vs. percentages?
Folks need explanations and examples that are tried and true, that use 
best practices, and that follow design principles, such as simplicity, 
visibility, and reuse. A lot of thought can go into crafting one of 
these CSS properties pages. Contributing to one of these properties is a 
great way to deepen your own understanding of the basics. What are the 
experts saying about using the property now? How are designers and 
developers creating new uses for new browsers, devices, and workflows?

But first and foremost, the Web Platform Wednesday project is focusing 
on the basics: ensure the syntax, descriptions, and examples are 
accurate. You don’t need to be an expert to look at a page and make sure 
the values match the spec, or that it provides basic facts or solid 
examples. That’s why we’re here: to get the facts down and to provide 
clear, usable information about these properties. Join us this week as 
we form the foundations of this dynamic resource.


On 5/24/13 5:51 PM, Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, folks-
> Julee and I (with some help from Fro and Scott) decided that next week,
> we're going back to basics:
> Section 9 from CSS 2.1: the Visual formatting model, comprising these
> properties:
> * margin
> * margin-bottom
> * margin-left
> * margin-right
> * margin-top
> * padding
> * padding-bottom
> * padding-left
> * padding-right
> * padding-top
> * width
> * height
> * position
> * float
> * clear
> * display
> * top
> * right
> * bottom
> * left
> * z-index
> * direction
> * unicode-bidi
> Scott and Peter may be filming a video about walking through one or more
> of these.
> We'll need someone to write up a blog post and tweet, and a list of
> coordinators for next week.
> Regards-
> -Doug

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