The Audience/IA/long lists of stuff

I get that this is supposed to be a reference, but it seems to me  a
standard reference should be friendly to other than experienced developers
who know what everything is called.  In my case, I have spent a lot of time
looking for things like how to change the numbers of a list, or set a margin
(you call it a page width, but I still think in word processor, and
sometimes even typewriter).  I searched for ol because I figured number
styles would be some subset of the ordered list material, but the material
was not found there.  This is especially frustrating when I have previously
stumbled on a page and then can't find it again after, such as one of the
glossary pages (of which there are now three that I have seen).  So what I
would like to suggest is some sort of common words reference index so that
people who have less experience can still figure out what to do, something
along the lines of:



If you want to:

You will use: 

align text


center text


go to a different place on my page

href, the hypertext reference  and a, the anchor

Indent text

text-indent or padding

justify text


line up text


link to a different page

href, the hypertext reference  



change the numbering style or bullet

list-style-type, see  <> 



make text bigger



where the items on the right side could all link to the appropriate


I am also interested in the Information Architecture plan of WPD.  Do we
have a mock up anywhere that I can take a look at?


Last, there are pages of many items, such as  Only after I click the see
more pages link do I get the option of looking at more on a page, and then
when I press 500, I still only get 51-284, and I have to press previous to
get the whole list.  Wouldn't it  make sense to have the option of selecting
how many items to show on a page on first visiting the list, thus making
this one step instead of three?  Also, where would be these comments best be


I also get that what I am asking might not be on the beta punch list.  As to
the reference, I'd be glad to work on it if we can find a place for it in
the plan.  As to other comments and suggestions for improvement, I'd suggest
some place to collect them.


David R. Herz



Received on Tuesday, 28 May 2013 02:14:41 UTC