Bulk import of MSDN JavaScript pages

This is my first shot at page names for the bulk import of MSDN JavaScript


A script autogenerated that from the table of contents page original here:


For example "JavaScript-Objects.html" has a logical child page
"Array-Object.html" which in turn has a logical child page named

So "constructor-Property__Array.html" maps to page
"Objects/Array/constructor Property", preserving this multilevel structure.

I did simplify the page/subpage names to avoid repeating the same word in
every subpage:

    before: "Objects/Array Object/constructor Property Array"
    after: "Objects/Array/constructor Property"

The breadcrumb navigation that you see for example on the top of this page:


shows you in what context you are (eg. "tutorials" is under "css").

If this simplification throws away too much information, it is easy to fix
it now before we do the import.

Received on Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:19:46 UTC