Re: How to deal with inappropriate content

I don't recall if deleting pages requires special privileges. I think it 
does. If so, anyone who has that privilege is trusted to exercise it 
appropriately. Don't worry about getting a consensus about whether 
something is spam: if you know it when you see it, just kill it.

A borderline case would be someone who uses their user profile to 
promote their web development services. I would be more lenient for that 
sort of thing from an active contributor than from someone whose only 
contribution is their profile page.

This is not a borderline case.

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> Oh, also, apparent if you look at the content: it's not relevant. J
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> Subject: How to deal with inappropriate content
> Hi, everyone:
> I was just looking over some of the new contributions. A lot are great.
> One group of articles created, however, look like spamdexing to me.[1] 
> At the least, it contains verbatim content that has not been attributed.
> Do we have a process for dealing with inappropriate content? Should I 
> just delete the pages?
> Thanks.
> Julee
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