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Even as a reference, shouldn't it tell me if I can mix styles, or point me to how one would set different styles for different levels of a particular list, or just tell me that different level styles of the same list must be done with resort to the creation of classes?

David R. Herz

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That's more tutorial kind of content really David - the articles we're working on currently as pure reference docs. But your input is still very much appreciated.

The following article has a wealth of detail on styling lists ( and links)

But it is a bit long winded, so I'm aiming to pull it apart and turn it into shorter separate articles soon…when I get the time of course. Perhaps you coujld add your notes below to this one, as editorial notes?

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> I am certainly willing to look, but am not an expert on the technical.  However, I might raise questions the answers to which you will take for granted. For instance, can I define the images or stylings of multiple levels of a list without resort to separate class definitions and calls to the class on each particular level?
> Say I have a document with headings:
> I. There is no Jurisdiction
>  A. There is no Personal Jurisdiction
>  i. Service was Improper
>  ii. Proof of Service was never filed
>  B. There is no In Rem Jurisdiction
> Can I set a single style definition that gives me different results at each level of the list (such as ol {list-style-type:upper-roman,upper-latin,lower-roman,disc,url("images/dot.gif");}, where each comma separated type is a separate level, and some levels have no numbers, and some use images even, or define some custom number set), or must I, within the HTML document, set a separate class at each level in the document, or is this something that ought to be done with a script instead?  If I later want to promote or demote something to a different level, it seems silly to have to go in and change classes in my HTML to do so.
> David R. Herz
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> Hi Everyone.
> I’m the coordinator for four itsy bitsy CSS property pages [1] and am 
> looking for some volunteers to help fill in and verify our content for 
> this Web Platform Wednesday. [2]
> Here, let me make a list of the properties:
> 1.  list-style
> ☺  list-style-image
>                               * list-style-position
> -    list-style-type
> Please send me a quick note if you have a few minutes to pitch in and Doc the Web!
> Thanks,
> Eliot
> [1] 
> 5#List-style_properties [2] 

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