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Would we want to allow anyone to GET and create a hurdle for PUT, POST,


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Date: Friday, May 10, 2013 1:09 PM
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>Hi, Max-
>On 5/10/13 3:57 PM, Max Polk wrote:
>> It's all about content and brand. How willing is webplatform to let
>> another site consume content and present it as their own, even formatted
>> as copyrighted results with no attribution?
>> Google for example forbids web search result data to be rendered on
>> another site where it can reformat and present it as their own, just to
>> preserve content and brand.
>> While any remote service can call the WPD API directly, to then serve it
>> up as its own, its a central call on behalf of all the users of that
>> site. It is easily identified, and if abused, blocked.
>> But with cross-origin requests each user's browser is making the call on
>> the behalf of the permitted origin. Opening it up wide will be
>> interpreted as "free, unencumbered," to some.
>> Just how free is the API data?
>Good question.
>My impulse is to say "totally free" since what we're looking for is the
>spread of good, complete, accurate information.... but our license
>(which is in part an obligation to our contributors) is CC-BY.  Could we
>rig the API so that it delivers a small link back to the site (and if
>the query was page-specific, to the page) in the content?
>We want to be friendly to consumers of our content, let them restyle and
>reformat the attribution link in whatever way works for their use, so it
>would be good to explore options with them.

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