Re: MW API CORS for *

It's all about content and brand. How willing is webplatform to let another site consume content and present it as their own, even formatted as copyrighted results with no attribution?

Google for example forbids web search result data to be rendered on another site where it can reformat and present it as their own, just to preserve content and brand.

While any remote service can call the WPD API directly, to then serve it up as its own, its a central call on behalf of all the users of that site.  It is easily identified, and if abused, blocked.

But with cross-origin requests each user's browser is making the call on the behalf of the permitted origin. Opening it up wide will be interpreted as "free, unencumbered," to some.

Just how free is the API data?

Received on Friday, 10 May 2013 19:57:51 UTC