*Draft* CSS Beta Blog Post

Hi, folks-

On the telcon last week, I offered to break the ice for a blog post on 
our CSS properties page blog post. Many of you offered to help with it, 
for which I'm grateful. Here's the rough first draft, so we can 
establish tone.

Please be both brutal and swift in your comments, so we can send this 
out in the next hour or so.

Web Platform Wednesdays
May 08 2013
by Shepazu

Documenting the web, even just client-side technologies, is an enormous 
undertaking. We can’t do it alone, and we can’t do it all at once.

We want to send a clear signal to the web developer community about 
where our site is the most useful today, where it’s going next, and when 
it will get there. And to those who want to contribute, we want to make 
it clear and easy how to help. We also want to make sure that the 
content contributions are high quality.

To meet these goals, we’ve decided to focus on one main topic at a time, 
break it down into manageable morsels that can be accomplished in a 
week, and systematically knock out each article one at a time.

Given the interest from Brackets and other projects in using our CSS 
property reference documentation, and since that is an area of rapid 
growth and great interest, it seemed like a good place to start.

So, each Wednesday, we will announce a new set of articles that need 
work, and ask for volunteers to pick a task for one or more articles, 
work with the coordinator for that article, and report back when it’s 
ready for review. This way, we can systematically reach our goal  of CSS 
property excellence by the end of July.

This first week, we are concentrating on outline properties, and border 
properties for color, style, width, and shorthands.

Welcome to Web Platform Wednesday!

We’ve borrowed this idea from Mozilla’s Eric Shepard, who drove 
contributions to MDN through their Wiki Wednesday. Wednesday is a good 
day to get people’s attention to ask for some spare time… you’re over 
the back-to-work part of the week, and not yet at the 
ready-for-the-weekend part.

So, each Wednesday, we will post a set of 15-25 new items on a 
particular set of CSS topics that need reference pages, and we will ask 
for volunteers  to tackle one or more articles broken down into one or 
more tasks:

Basic facts, such as overview table, syntax, and values
Explanatory text, such as the introduction (summary), usage, and notes
Examples, with explanations
Links to tutorials and other materials (either inside WPD or on the 
wider web), to the relevant specifications, and cross-linking keywords 
to other reference articles
Review, including flagging and unflagging
Each article has a coordinator managing it. Just check in with them to 
make sure there’s no duplication of effort, and dig in; we even provide 
the link to the target article and to the definition of the property in 
the appropriate CSS spec. Most tasks will be self-explanatory, but if 
you need help or guidance, check with the coordinator.

Obviously, different people will want to focus on different parts of the 
project. Maybe CSS isn’t your thing. That’s okay, we’ve got lots of 
irons in the fire, and people are working in the background on 
JavaScript and other topics. But our current main focus wil be CSS 

If you’ve wanted to contribute in the past, but weren’t sure how, we’re 
here to help guide you. Find us on our public-webplatform@w3.org email 
list, or Freenode #webplatform IRC channel, or even our @webplatform 
Twitter account, and we’ll get you started.

If this is successful, we’ll repeat the process for JavaScript, APIs, 
HTML, SVG, and other article topics. Together, we will make this site 


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