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Looks good Janet. The only thing I thought you might want to explicitly state is something about clearly stating the perks/benefits of contributing to the community - community members will want to be clear on what the incentives are.

So perhaps something like

"Work out and implement mechanisms for giving community members perks/benefits when they contribute to WPD. Make it clear what those benefits are to prospective new members."


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On 8 May 2013, at 00:08, Janet Swisher <> wrote:

> I've taken a stab at setting criteria for declaring "Beta" for Community Development [1]. It seems a little weird to use a label like "Beta" for a community, but I'm taking it mean that the community is moving from the "inception" stage to the "establishment" stage of the community life cycle. A big part of that is implementing capture and tracking of metrics so we can tell which stage we're in.
> If these criteria look good, I'll submit issues in Bug Genie for implementing them. (I'm not even sure that what I want can be done with mailman and MediaWiki; we can discuss that in the BG issues.)
> [1]
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