Re: MSDN-JS Project

Hello Doug and Alexander and all,

Doug had said:
> So, is there anything we can do right now to help you out?

Yes.  My current status is I have an formatted intermediate format
with html links corrected (links between pages fixed) and an initial
script run on one page where it convert it to a non-template
non-extension plain vanilla Mediawiki synax format.  By plain I mean
equal signs for sections, extra lines to separate paragraphs and soon
to be double-square brackets for links within the wiki and asterisks
for unordered lists.  All the stuff you ordinarily see in Mediawiki

There also seems to be four formats in the wiki right now.

First is plain Mediawiki syntax pages such as
(  Other than a language bar,
it's pretty ordinary format for a wiki.

The second is almost pure HTML such as
 That might have been imported content, and I'm guessing you will want
to eventually convert it to either Mediawiki syntax or use the fourth
option below.

The third is a kind of form edit such as
( where you can
choose to either Edit or Edit source.  That particular page may not be
a good example because the content is outside of a template and not
edtiable or visible pressing Edit.

The fourth is a form edit where "Edit" edits the metadata and content
as well, such as
(, where I see
in Edit Source that the content embedded as a template parameter,
where Edit source shows:

    |Content= content here!... }}

I'm guessing we are aiming for the latter, is that right?  That means
put the standard templates above and below, and the content becomes a
template parameter with proper escaping such as the pipe character,

I run a wiki for our team at work and we keep the user-contributed
text as clean and simple as possible, meaning, we tell people to avoid
embedding html and divs (except for a bit of fanciness on the site
landing page) to make it as user-friendly as possible for the next
editor, with the smallest possible learning curve.  I see the fourth
choice above as being ideal.  People hit "Edit" (not "Edit source")
and the content form field looks just the simple Mediawiki syntax.

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