CSS or bust???

Hi All.

[[Before I ask these questions, I want to say that I am as guilty of contributing to this as anyone, having recently introduced the 400+ JavaScript pages in to the mix.]]

Are we really placing our energies in the right places? Are we working on the right things? Or are we losing focus?

I thoroughly understand that there are a _many_ important and wonderful aspects of WPD that we could be creating, enhancing, and building, but I think we may be drifting from our original decisions (and if not, this will serve as a verification of our course of action). I was under the impression that we determined that we would identify and work on one section of WPD at a time to get that area up to what we considered "beta content", and that we were going to do that starting with the CSS properties. We're not anywhere near complete on those, are we? If we are, I apologize, and carry on. But I look at the CSS Properties spreadsheet [1] and I see a ton of work left to go. Yet, over the past couple of weeks, we are all (myself included) very eager to start work on JavaScript reference, Beginner's Guide, DOM, and other large projects (I'm sorry to pick on these in particular). 

My call to this community is this: We should validate that our priorities are sound (from time to time) and strive to stay focused on our highest priority items prior to embarking on new work. In short, we need to hold ourselves accountable to our goals. Certainly, this is true while our community is still small but growing. Maybe later, when we're a robust and enormous group, we can have the luxury of being less strident.

Can we reiterate (in mail or during upcoming telcons) what our priorities are currently, and make sure that we're staffed to accomplish them in a timely manner?

I welcome discussion about this. My main goal is to help us get to beta as soon as possible under our chosen criteria.

Most sincerely,


[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkRs-89PKiZpdE0xdm9Sb1ZvRW1ZRzMtWEdyU0Z4OEE#gid=14 

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