Re: Proposed plan for university communications

I think that simply broadcasting to university contacts is not likely to 
lead to much participation. I think we're more likely to get students 
successfully involved if we find one or two faculty members who are 
interested in using WPD as a testbed for student projects, and work with 
them to figure out what kinds of activities are good learning 
experiences for students. When we have a successful model, then we can 
start promoting it to more academics.

As a comparison point, here is a description of the program for 
technical writing students to contribute to Mozilla's end-user support 


On 4/11/13 8:29 AM, Janet Swisher wrote:
> Also this time of year, instructors are preparing their fall semester 
> classes. So this is a good time to get on their radar for class projects.
> On 4/10/13 5:21 PM, Scott Rowe wrote:
>> Thanks Julee! This looks great. We may have to sprint on this one. 
>> Many universities and colleges are finishing the school year in early 
>> May. Let's be sure to devote a lot of time to this in the Community 
>> Recruiting/Development/Outreach (!) meeting. I'll have that scheduled 
>> in a second. Stay tuned.
>> ~Scott
>> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:35 PM, Julee < 
>> <>> wrote:
>>     Hi, everyone:
>>     I just did up a straw man for adding university contacts to our
>>     news email list:
>>     I'll add it as an agenda item to the community & recruiting meeting.
>>     Regards.

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