Assigning ownership of project buckets

We're getting closer to our bug base, project tracker being finished. For
each project bucket on, we need someone to take
ownership. The owner would:

* further refine that project's goals for beta[1][2]
* populate the team on
* define bugs, tasks, features, etc., toward beta on
* triage issues that come into that project's queue
* report back on progress toward beta

The following is a list of proposed owners for each bucket. If you're unable
to take ownership, or think someone else would be better suited, please let
us know what you're thinking:

* Analytics Patrick D'Souza
* Blog Eliot
* Comments Doug
* Content Chris (or Scott)
* Info Arch Scott (or Chris)
* Dabblet Lea
* PRMG Garbee
* Search Julee
* Skin Lea
* Templates Alex
* Community Janet




Received on Wednesday, 17 April 2013 06:30:45 UTC