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Community Development Task Force Meeting Notes

From: Scott Rowe <scottrowe@google.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 11:50:43 -0700
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Thanks to all who attended!

At today's meeting of the Community Development task force, we had the
following. You can find all of the information below at the following page:


   - Establish an irregular meeting time.
   - Develop a plan for university outreach and communication.
   - Decide when/where to hold up-coming doc sprints.


Meeting time

   - Resolved: the meeting's appointed time shall remain Tuesdays via Zakim
   at 10:00 Pacific Time, to be held only if there is an agenda.
   - Doug (shepazu): confirm the Zakim reservation and reestablish the
   conference code, 3627 for these meetings.

University outreach

   - Julee to contact Alex (jkomoros) about potential internship funding
   and availability.
   - Julee to create internal spreadsheet listing contacts, their address
   and particulars.
   - All to fill in the spreadsheet with contacts - having done the legwork
   to sign them up.
   - Doug (shepazu) to contact W3C member universities.
   - Julee to edit student recruitment message [1] with more detail about
   internships and specific tasks/projects for recruits.

Doc Sprints

   - Resolved: Holding a doc sprint at OpenHelp would be contingent upon
   Mozilla also holding a doc sprint. Not likely.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint at OSCon, July in Portland, OR.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint to coincide with Internet Week New York [2].
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in North Carolina.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in New York or Boston area late summer.
   - Scott: To work with Peter to identify conferences to target for New
   York/Boston late summer.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in Amsterdam, with Frontiers conference in October.

Next meeting

We'll hold another meeting next week to discuss progress on actions and
tabled items.


10:10 AM — julee present
10:12 AM <scottrowe_> present
10:12 AM — jswisher is present
10:12 AM <shepazu> present
10:12 AM <waiseto> present
10:12 AM → Ryan_Lane joined (~Ryan_Lane@wikimedia/Ryan-lane)
10:13 AM <scottrowe_> first decision: we'll keep this time and bridge
10:13 AM <scottrowe_> Doug will make sure that the old conference number,
3627 is valid
10:15 AM <scottrowe_>
10:17 AM <scottrowe_> University outreach: Julee edited the above
10:18 AM <scottrowe_> jkomoros mentioned that there may be internship money
10:23 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Julee to confirm with Doug, Alex that we have a
program in place before we advertise it in public-webplatform-news.
10:23 AM <scottrowe_> It may be a Google Summer of Code or like program.
10:24 AM → jay_ joined (57bd77b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
10:25 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: Summer of Code excludes documentation work
10:32 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Wei to send note to Web Education group of W3C,
requesting subscriptions to public-webplatform-news, with the body of
Julee's Universities note.
10:43 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Julee to create an internal (not shared publicly)
spreadsheet of addresses.
10:46 AM <scottrowe_> AI: All to contribute recruits to the spreadsheet.
10:46 AM <julee> W3C university members
10:46 AM <scottrowe_> AI: shepazu to contact Universities that are members
of W3C
10:46 AM <waiseto> http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Member/List :)
10:47 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: English writing programs, technical
communication, engineering.
10:50 AM <scottrowe_> next topic, doc sprints
10:50 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: would like to know who can help with an east
coast doc sprint
10:51 AM <scottrowe_> julee: question on the suitability of OpenHelp
10:52 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: OpenHelp does not attract a lot of web
10:52 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: we would need to reruit our own attendees
10:56 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: attending with Mozilla would build ties
between us and Moz
10:56 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: might be an opportunity to build content on
both sites
10:58 AM <julee> https://www.internetweekny.com/
11:01 AM <julee>
11:01 AM <scottrowe_> resolved: Doc Sprint at OpenHelp contingent upon
Mozilla's participation.
11:02 AM <scottrowe_> Meeting adjourned

[2] https://www.internetweekny.com/
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