Community Development Task Force Meeting Notes

Thanks to all who attended!

At today's meeting of the Community Development task force, we had the
following. You can find all of the information below at the following page:


   - Establish an irregular meeting time.
   - Develop a plan for university outreach and communication.
   - Decide when/where to hold up-coming doc sprints.


Meeting time

   - Resolved: the meeting's appointed time shall remain Tuesdays via Zakim
   at 10:00 Pacific Time, to be held only if there is an agenda.
   - Doug (shepazu): confirm the Zakim reservation and reestablish the
   conference code, 3627 for these meetings.

University outreach

   - Julee to contact Alex (jkomoros) about potential internship funding
   and availability.
   - Julee to create internal spreadsheet listing contacts, their address
   and particulars.
   - All to fill in the spreadsheet with contacts - having done the legwork
   to sign them up.
   - Doug (shepazu) to contact W3C member universities.
   - Julee to edit student recruitment message [1] with more detail about
   internships and specific tasks/projects for recruits.

Doc Sprints

   - Resolved: Holding a doc sprint at OpenHelp would be contingent upon
   Mozilla also holding a doc sprint. Not likely.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint at OSCon, July in Portland, OR.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint to coincide with Internet Week New York [2].
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in North Carolina.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in New York or Boston area late summer.
   - Scott: To work with Peter to identify conferences to target for New
   York/Boston late summer.
   - Tabled: Doc sprint in Amsterdam, with Frontiers conference in October.

Next meeting

We'll hold another meeting next week to discuss progress on actions and
tabled items.


10:10 AM — julee present
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10:12 AM — jswisher is present
10:12 AM <shepazu> present
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10:13 AM <scottrowe_> first decision: we'll keep this time and bridge
10:13 AM <scottrowe_> Doug will make sure that the old conference number,
3627 is valid
10:15 AM <scottrowe_>
10:17 AM <scottrowe_> University outreach: Julee edited the above
10:18 AM <scottrowe_> jkomoros mentioned that there may be internship money
10:23 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Julee to confirm with Doug, Alex that we have a
program in place before we advertise it in public-webplatform-news.
10:23 AM <scottrowe_> It may be a Google Summer of Code or like program.
10:24 AM → jay_ joined (57bd77b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
10:25 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: Summer of Code excludes documentation work
10:32 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Wei to send note to Web Education group of W3C,
requesting subscriptions to public-webplatform-news, with the body of
Julee's Universities note.
10:43 AM <scottrowe_> AI: Julee to create an internal (not shared publicly)
spreadsheet of addresses.
10:46 AM <scottrowe_> AI: All to contribute recruits to the spreadsheet.
10:46 AM <julee> W3C university members
10:46 AM <scottrowe_> AI: shepazu to contact Universities that are members
of W3C
10:46 AM <waiseto> :)
10:47 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: English writing programs, technical
communication, engineering.
10:50 AM <scottrowe_> next topic, doc sprints
10:50 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: would like to know who can help with an east
coast doc sprint
10:51 AM <scottrowe_> julee: question on the suitability of OpenHelp
10:52 AM <scottrowe_> jswisher: OpenHelp does not attract a lot of web
10:52 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: we would need to reruit our own attendees
10:56 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: attending with Mozilla would build ties
between us and Moz
10:56 AM <scottrowe_> shepazu: might be an opportunity to build content on
both sites
10:58 AM <julee>
11:01 AM <julee>
11:01 AM <scottrowe_> resolved: Doc Sprint at OpenHelp contingent upon
Mozilla's participation.
11:02 AM <scottrowe_> Meeting adjourned


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