Re: DOM API Docs Proposal

Thanks Patrick,

Sorry if that wasn't clear. The capitalization conventions say object
names, like Document, should be capitalized. So, yes, dom/Window,
dom/Document, dom/HTMLElement, etc.

And, yes, all moves will maintain a redirect. Many of these pages are
already referenced by other pages, and redirects are quite necessary.


On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Patrick D'Souza <> wrote:

>  Scott,
> Is there any specific reason to use Document instead of document in the
> example below. I think lowercase document makes sense in this case
> instead of Document. dom/apis/document/getElementById<>
>  proposed: dom/Document/getElementById<>The same would apply to Window as well.
> I like this new structure and we should make sure that the breadcrumbs on
> the page reflect this structure. But, before we go ahead with any proposed
> changes to the structure of the urls, we should ensure that the old url
> structures have a 301 in place until they are completely off Google's
> index. A 301 would provide a good user experience as well for someone still
> trying to access content via the old links.
> - Patrick
> On 04/16/2013 12:16 PM, Scott Rowe wrote:
> Thanks to Julee, Patrick, and Ryan's fascinating site map, we have a
> complete bird's-eye view of our content, which proved indispensable in
> auditing our DOM API pages and formulating a plan for organizing them,
> which I propose at the following location:
>  To summarize, proposed is the following URL pattern in reorganizing the
> DOM API docs:
>    - dom/<object>/<member>     (where <member> is either a <property> or
>    <method>)
>    - dom/events/<event>
> This means that all objects would reside on the same level, i.e.
> "dom/Window," "dom/Document," etc. to provide for the shortest URLs
> possible. Events are getting their own namespace because usually the event
> target is a general DOM Element, and distinguishing events by their targets
> does not add any useful information to the URLs.
>  You'll notice that the structure is very similar to that of the API
> Docs[1], except for the omission of  <api name> interstitial, as in
> "apis/webrtc" where "webrtc" is the name of an API_Listing page that
> describes the common name of the API. These were necessary in the API docs
> to avoid namespace collisions. They are not needed in the DOM API docs.
>  Note also the absence of the "apis" interstitial. The more I thought
> about it, the less convinced I was that we needed it.
>  Have a look at the proposal and let me know what you think.
>  ~Scott
>  [1]
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