Re: Doc Sprint Amsterdam

Hi Paul,

Location: I also did not have a location for the Eventbrite page when we opened up the Berlin event for registration. You can easily put something like "to be announced shortly", and update it later.

Awesome to read this is progressing and coming to a reality!

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As some of you probably allready know, I'm currently setting up a Doc Sprint in Amsterdam.
The sprint is planned the day after the Fronteers conference, on October the 12th.

The Fronteers ticket sales are being planned to go online next thursday. In the confirmation e-mail, they want to include a link to an event page on the Fronteers website about the WPDS.

Are there any good texts that explains the WPDS so I can put that on the Fronteers site. And perhaps it should be on the blog before it is announced anywhere else.

I want to set up an EventBrite page for the tickets, but we don't have a confirmed location yet. Does anybody knows if that's problem?

Hope you can help me out.


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