Action Mode (was: Styling changes on tables and forms)

Hi, folks-

One of the community was a bit surprised by these changes, and I realize 
that we should have socialized them better. I was the one who gave Lea 
the go-ahead to push the changes to the production site, so I bear 
responsibility for poor coordination.

I'd like to turn this into a consensus opportunity for future actions.

My instinct (which is not always accurate) was that we should handle 
designs much like we handle content: encourage action, seek feedback 
early and often, and iterate towards consensus.

In this case, I feel I failed in the "seek feedback early and often" 
stage. A better approach, which Lea suggested a couple minutes ago, 
would have been for her to simply publish the changes on the test wiki, 
and for us to show them to the community first before committing them to 
the main wiki; in the future, we'll try to do that instead, since a 
change like this affects everyone (and even if they like the change, 
they may want to have a say in it first, and might not like to be 

I do want to emphasize the first premise, "encourage action", especially 
in a disparate group like this where indecision can lead to inaction. 
So, in spite of this slip-up, I still encourage everyone to take 
initiative on actions, and learn from my mistake by suggesting large 
changes first, then looping around for quick feedback.


On 4/4/13 2:55 PM, Lea Verou wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After checking with Doug, I took the initiative of styling the
> wikitables to be the same as the browser compat tables, and styled the
> forms too, so that the edit page looks a bit nicer.
> One issue is that tables without the .wikitable class are currently
> unstyled, which will be solved.
> If you notice any other issues or have feedback, we’re open to changes :)
> Cheers,
> Lea
> Lea Verou
> W3C developer relations
> ✿ @leaverou

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