Web Platform DocSprint San Francisco Recap

Hi everybody,
On Saturday 11/3 we held the first ever Web Platform DocSprint at Adobe in
San Francisco. It was a joint effort by Adobe, the San Francisco HTML5 User
Group, and Google. We had a great and very productive day and onboarded 34
brand new members. The majority of the 50-60 attendees stayed the whole
day, from 9 am until after 5 pm) and, from reading through the logs, I see
that we made over 800 changes to the site that day. We had people working
on tasks that ranged from simple to very complex. Some folks spent the
whole day writing in-depth documentation while others dove into backend
architecture tasks or created new prototypes of possible new site features.

This would be a very long mail if I had to call everyone out by name, so I
just want to thank all attendees for their hard work and dedication to move
the web forward (you know who you are). A *huge* thanks to Adobe for not
only hosting the event, but also providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, a full
bar, and awesome swag (the exclusive WPD notepads)! Everybody went home
with a new WPD t-shirt as well (they came in just in time). Good times all

So now it's time to keep the momentum going!

For starters, Scott Rowe, Alex Komoroske, and I are organizing another Web
Platform DocSprint in Mountain View at the Google Office and that event is
scheduled for December 13th (more details and signup info will be sent out
soon). I also talked to Andre Jay Meissner (Adobe, Germany) this morning
and he is going to organize an event in Germany soon. I hope we will start
many of these events world wide in the near future. To make this process
easier, I will post some links to resources we can use to make it easier to
host these events on the community
I'd like to create a "Web Platform DocSprint in a Box" page where we can
all share best practices, tracking sheet templates <http://goo.gl/NHJYT>,
and other helpful resources.

[image: Inline image 1]
*Some folks stayed until very late!*

More pictures of the event can be found on the SFHTML5 event page:


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