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Re: Content TF Meeting today 20:00 UTC / 15:00 ET / Noon PT.

From: Janet Swisher <jswisher@mozilla.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 14:52:52 -0600
Message-ID: <50CA4024.9070506@mozilla.com>
To: public-webplatform@w3.org
On 12/13/12 11:25 AM, Julee Burdekin wrote:
> Please join us for the Content Task Force meeting 
> <http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Content_Meetings> today 20:00 
> UTC / 15:00 ET / Noon PT.

Here is the IRC transcript:

julee_: Present
[2:02pm] scottrowe_: Present
[2:02pm] julee_: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Content_Meetings
[2:03pm] jswisher: julee_: chris mills has been doing a lot on IA at the 
top level this week
[2:03pm] julee_: Roll call
[2:03pm] julee_: Review of open action items
[2:03pm] jswisher: ... we should go through that, and make sure we're on 
[2:03pm] julee_: Triage of new content architecture issues
[2:03pm] julee_: All content bugs are assigned to either Chris or 
Garbee. Do we want to re-assign some of them?
[2:03pm] julee_: Top-level navigation and design update from Chris Mills
[2:03pm] julee_: Main landing page prototypes completed/subpage 
structures?/domain leads?
[2:03pm] julee_: allow people to start their search by technology or 
page type
[2:03pm] julee_: Different ways to browse
[2:03pm] julee_: Anything blocking you from creating great content?
[2:04pm] jswisher: TOPIC: Action items
[2:04pm] julee_: LAST WEEK ACTION: Julee to find out how to add a 
meeting bot to the Content TF Meeting.
[2:04pm] julee_: in progress
[2:05pm] julee_: LAST WEEK ACTION: Julee to file a bug about the design 
of reference pages with a non-standard standardization status.
[2:07pm] julee_: needs to be revised: Julee to file a UI bug about the 
design of reference pages with non-stable status, so that they look 
[2:07pm] julee_: LAST WEEK ACTION: Eliot to update bug 20227 with 
pointer to the style guide he wrote
[2:07pm] julee_: DONE
[2:08pm] julee_: LAST WEEK ACTION: Garbee to send out his awesome task 
organization plan
[2:08pm] julee_: still working on it
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[2:08pm] julee_: LAST WEEK ACTION: Scott and Peter to explore social 
media channels about next week's docsprint
[2:09pm] julee_: Resolved
[2:09pm] jswisher: TOPIC: Triage of new issues
[2:10pm] jswisher: julee_: Would prefer to go through Chris's work, 
rather than individual bugs
[2:10pm] jswisher: ... notice that the Content bugs are assigned to 
either Chris or Garbee 
[2:11pm] jswisher: scottrowe_: Not sure what to do about that. Garbee 
especially has a lot on his plate. Don't want to burn him out
[2:11pm] jswisher: julee_: Need to encourage people to "take" bugs that 
are assigned to others
[2:12pm] jswisher: ... and to reassign bugs that are assigned to them
[2:12pm] jswisher: ... Should we bring this as process issue to the 
larger group?
[2:12pm] jswisher: ACTION: jules to raise bug triage/assignment to 
larger group
[2:13pm] jswisher: TOPIC: Top level navigation
[2:13pm] jswisher: julee_: I know Chris wants to get this sorted out 
before the holidays
[2:14pm] jswisher: Email thread from Chris: 
[2:15pm] jswisher: Eliot: I'd like to take an editor's eye to them
[2:15pm] jswisher: ACTION: Eliot to do editorial review of descriptions 
on main page
[2:16pm] jswisher: julee_: Be sure to look for things like "Web" vs. "web"
[2:17pm] jswisher: julee_: Next thing is Icon proposal for WPD topics, 
that's great
[2:17pm] jswisher: ... 
[2:18pm] jswisher: ... let people browse by tech, by tutorials, or by 
[2:19pm] jswisher: scottrowe_: It's a reasonable way of addressing the 
different approaches
[2:20pm] julee_: jswisher isn't sure how this would shake out in practice
[2:23pm] jswisher: Eliot: somewhat similar to the topic listing on MDN
[2:24pm] . shepazu would scribe jswisher as having just said, 
"mmmnnn-meh...." in a frustrated tone
[2:25pm] jswisher: jswisher: Boils down to "I want to learn" or "I was 
to look something up"
[2:25pm] jswisher: julee_: the way the site is divvied up separates the 
material, how do we bring it back together?
[2:26pm] jswisher: jswisher: I'm not satisfied with this, but I don't 
have a better counterproposal
[2:27pm] jswisher: Eliot: We do have a top-level tutorials page; call 
that out in a link, to ensure it's visible
[2:28pm] jswisher: julee_: We can ask Chris to provide the next level of 
nav, so we can validate
[2:28pm] jswisher: Eliot: yes, let's mock something up
[2:29pm] jswisher: ACTION: jswisher to respond to email thread and ask 
for the next level of detail
[2:31pm] jswisher: julee_: Garbee is working on consolidating help pages 
for editors (~20 pages currently)
[2:31pm] jswisher: julee_: Chris is working on global nav experience
[2:32pm] jswisher: julee_: Julee is working on updating topic hierarchy 
and architecture pages
[2:32pm] jswisher: ... Once we have those 3 areas done, we'll be in good 
shape to add more editors
[2:32pm] jswisher: ... (plus the session bug)
[2:33pm] jswisher: shepazu: I have been working with Hello Veldt (MW 
[2:34pm] jswisher: ... Markus thinks he tracked down an issue with the 
skin's separation of resources
[2:34pm] jswisher: ... Once that's resolved, Ryan will be able to 
upgrade, which should address the session problems
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[2:35pm] jswisher: julee_: Any other blocks to editors working efficiently?
[2:35pm] jswisher: [no]

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