Web Platform DocSprint Berlin Germany (Re: Minutes: Community Telcon, 04-12-2012)

(Sorry for the silence, have been flooded with other stuff for some time.)

Our very first european DocSprint takes shape, I will hopefully be able to
communicate a confirmed date and location before the DocSprint next week
in Mountain View, which I will attend (even if only for the PM). Right now
it *looks* like February 8 + 9, 2013.

I hope Chris Mills can make that date as the "content facilitator" (I am
the "logistics organizer" that day)? I've also invited a number of people
including Hans-Christian Reinl and Christian Heilmann, so we're definetely
not having a lacking of Chris'es at that gig. ;oD=

Sébastien, you're in as well, right?

We plan to do two days for the sole purpose to have a party inbetween, and
will put a strong focus on inviting community leaders to inspire them to
replicate the event in their local communities (we might even have limited
lodging). Of course the local standards focused groups are part of the
gang to invite their communities as well.

We still need:

- Swag
- DocSprint specific artwork (if existant?) to print stuff
- Reps from W3C, Google, hp, intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Facebook; any
volounteers/suggestions? Ideally willing to act as...
- ...intro- (and probably inbetween) *speakers* (I want to do some
additional "program")
- whatever comes to your mind!

Feedback for Peter as requested:

>Actions carried forward
>* ACTION, Peter L: Create doc sprint in a Box package for docsprints
>NOTE: progress made, see http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Doc_Sprints
>and http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/WPD:Community/Community_Events.
>Needs to be collated, re-orged, finished.

Well done Peter! My 2 cents:

- Produce and integrate a (much shorter) video than
https://developers.google.com/live/shows/8949032/ to inspire people to do
DocSprints. 12/12 == awesome opportunity to do take some mood shots!

- Clearer verbiage in the very last paragraph of that page. At the first
glance to me it read like you don't want community participants or groups
>12 at all. ;)=


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