Re: Stellar launches - Ripple-like decentralized ledger

On 07/31/2014 03:11 PM, John Packel wrote:
> Not a fork but a new project/company (non-profit, apparently). McCaleb
> was a founder of Ripple's precursor and then left after a dispute with
> the other founders. Several press stories about it last year.

If it's not a fork, then why are all the main contributors to Ripple the
main contributors to Stellar? Look at the frequency and magnitude of
commits by author between stellard and rippled:

I get that the code base is now managed by a non-profit and that the
disbursement model is different than Ripple, but other than that, it
looks like it's basically the Ripple protocol (even most of the codebase
is shared).

>From where I sit, and this is just conjecture again, it looks like Jed
(or this new organization) is trying to resolve the long-standing
"private entities own a significant amount of the pre-mined currency"

-- manu

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