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On 2014-07-29 22:48, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Bad Voltage recently did a piece on the Web Payments work:
> The Web Payments bits start at around 40'20" in. Thanks to Bruce Lawson
> for the tip that our work was covered over there.
> Here's an in-depth response to the piece, a response from Stuart
> Langridge (Ubuntu One), and Bruce Lawson (Opera Evangelist and
> "Introducing HTML5" author):
> If those of you in the group are wondering about the strategic aspects
> of the work we're doing, the post above might help explain the approach
> we're currently taking.

The BadVoltage folks at least touched one area which I consider crucial, "buy-in".

I think they are right regarding Google, PayPal etc.  These guys already have
established solutions that are convenient and scales well.  In addition they can
(at least Google and Apple) roll-out security solutions that the traditional players
can only dream about.

IMO, the only way to get *any* buy-in from the traditional players is providing a
useful login solution to banks.  That may make them interested and then they can
take on a next step which obviously is much more difficult.

My 2 öres.


> -- manu

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