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Re: Organize a chat on account/ledger capabilities?

From: Nick Shearer <nshearer@apple.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2015 08:38:11 -0700
Cc: Adrian Hope-Bailie <adrian@hopebailie.com>, Kepeng Li <kepeng.lkp@alibaba-inc.com>, "Adler, Patrick" <patrick.adler@chi.frb.org>, Adrian Hope-Bailie <adrian@ripple.com>, Evert Fekkes <E.R.Fekkes@rn.rabobank.nl>, VIGNET cyril <Cyril.VIGNET@bpce.fr>, "j.j.spaanderman@dnb.nl" <j.j.spaanderman@dnb.nl>, Web Payments IG <public-webpayments-ig@w3.org>, Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
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> On Sep 2, 2015, at 4:40 AM, KETELS Kris <Kris.KETELS@swift.com> wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> Can you explain why you qualify ISO standards as being the opposite of open W3C standards?
> I myself haven’t encountered a more open (financial) standard as ISO 20022.

Any company can join W3C. ISO membership is strictly controlled. Why should a W3C standard be beholden to one that only a minority of its members can ever have direct representation on?

> Kind regards
> Kris
> From: Adrian Hope-Bailie [mailto:adrian@hopebailie.com] 
> Sent: 19 August 2015 18:58
> To: Ian Jacobs
> Cc: Kepeng Li; Adler, Patrick; Adrian Hope-Bailie; Evert Fekkes; VIGNET cyril; j.j.spaanderman@dnb.nl; Web Payments IG
> Subject: Re: Organize a chat on account/ledger capabilities?
> Hi Ian,
> Definitely interested. It would be great if the standards that were used for XS2A came out of this group and followed all of the open standards principles of the W3C and used Web technology as opposed to some ISO standard.
> We need to get some direct participation from the EPC, EBA etc
> Adrian
> On 19 August 2015 at 18:45, Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org <mailto:ij@w3.org>> wrote:
> Hi Kepeng, Pat, Adrian, Evert, Cyril, Jurgen, (and others who may be interested),
> I was chatting with Kepeng yesterday about capabilities related to account/ledger access. We were discussing
> the sorts of useful things one could do if there were standard APIs for account/ledger access, including building
> risk monitoring systems that would have an easier time working with diverse types of accounts. Also, I wondered
> whether PSD2 regulation in Europe might be leading to a need for open standards to provide access to
> accounts from Web applications.
> Maybe we can organize a Thursday call around this topic so that we can determine who is interested, and
> whether, for example, there is even enough interest to start a task force.
> Please let me know if this discussion would interest you. Thanks!
> Ian
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