Re: Mirroring posts to Web Payments CG?

> On Apr 15, 2015, at 9:57 AM, Manu Sporny <> wrote:
> Ian Jacobs wrote:
>> Why not?
> On 04/15/2015 10:04 AM, David Ezell wrote:
>> The public ig list is set to be writable only by the IG members, but 
>> anyone can subscribe.
>> From what I understand, only IG members can subscribe.
> Look at the Web Payments CG list or the WebAppSec list (at the top, see
> "subscribe to this list"):
> versus the Web Payments IG list (no option to subscribe):
> You can follow along via RSS, but that makes it nearly impossible to
> respond to discussions in a way that is threaded (and the reply-to mail
> headers are stripped, and even if they were there, they'd point to the
> wrong mailing list).

I will ask the Systems Team to enable non-participants to subscribe to the list.
Or if there is a problem in doing that I will let you know.


>> This was simply how it "came out of the box" from the chairs' point 
>> of view.
>> I don't have any strong objection to changing it.
> One possible downside is that we get flooded w/ comments from a very
> small subset of people that don't necessarily make constructive
> comments. I've always found that this risk is worth taking in the name
> of transparency and inclusivity.
> What I'm proposing is that we keep this mailing list the way it is, and
> shunt those comments to the webpayments-ig-comments mailing list so that
> those in this group w/ little time to deal w/ comments from the public
> can ignore the webpayments-ig-comments mailing list and focus on this
> list (which will have a much reduced email load).
> That said, if we wanted to open this mailing list up to the public like
> webappsec and html is, I'd be all for that. :)
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