Re: opening issue-74 - Re: (Dis)Proving that 303s have a performance impact.

On 2/18/13 1:34 PM, Andrei Sambra wrote:
> The notice was never "inserted", especially not by "exploiting the 
> editor privilege" as you have stated earlier. I find that accusation 
> very offensive and I would like to ask you to refrain from doing it 
> again. The note was there from the beginning, when we split the spec 
> last year.

And guess what, I hereby apologize for making that accusation.

> Please look at the mercurial history if you want to confirm it.

Yes, I had a conversation with Melvin (offline) and his unveil this most 
vital piece of information. Now, bearing in mind my apology, could at 
least acknowledge the fact that you could have simply provided this 
reply to my earlier mails [1].


We are no strangers (as per Melvin's comments) and you know I am quite 
fond of you, bearing in mind our travels. That said, I do get frustrated 
when as a chair you don't spot opportunities to dowse rather than fan 
flames [3].

Contrary to popular misconception, I am extremely time challenged. I 
start with a URL and work from there. I was of the (now proven 
incorrect) opinion that Andrei unilaterally added the notice. I didn't 
realize it was an artifact of the past. You could have simply pointed 
that out to me (email or other methods, which you are well aware of).


One day we'll meet in person, clearly email isn't working for us :-)


As eluded to by Elf and Melvin (most recently), this shouldn't be 
personal, so I apologize for my contribution to such deterioration in 
this passionate discussion. For what its worth, I've traveled far in 
this realm with Henry (he even took one the photos used in some of my 
public profile documents). As for Andrei, I love what he's done with, it goes a long way to showcasing what's possible 
with WebID, in a manner that works for end-users especially.

All I want is for WebID to succeed. The problem it solves is crucial. I 
don't want it solved in 10 years time if we can kill these issues right 
now. I want us to learn from mistakes that have been made in the past 
e.g., how RDF/XML conflation nearly destroyed RDF and the Semantic Web 
vision as a whole as a result of not paying attention to undue 
conflation etc.


1. -- 
initial response from Andrei
2. -- 
an early response from Henry .



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