Formal WebID Teleconf Friday February 22 2013 15:00UTC

( Sorry for earlier mistake with date - there is of course no meeting on 18th but on Friday 22 )

Meeting Time:
Friday 22 February, 15:00 UTC, 16:00 Paris, 10:00 New York
full time zone information:
tel: +1-617-761-6200
irc: irc://


Meeting Minutes from last time

Vote of meeting minutes for last time


ACTION-47: Put forward 1 of the raised issued every 3 days approximately for discussion in view of closure
 Proposal: close - that was dated Oct 24, 2011 . We are making progress now, but in a different way

ACTION-42: Write sparql query for ping back form
 Proposal: close - That seems to be more of a ReadWriteWeb spec issue.

ACTION-43 Send mail and add entry to wiki page for the state of Drupal WebID component, so that others can join and help out
 Proposal: close, there seems to be progress there
         ( perhaps if Stephane can add the information to the right wiki page where we keep
           info about implementations )

ACTION-58: Contact Nathan and see whether action-57 satisfies issue-18
  Proposal: Close, I contacted Nathan a couple of times with no response. We will need to decide this for ourselves.


- ISSUE-6: using ASN.1 formats for WebID description
  Proposal: close or postpone. Currently we have enough with Turtle as the default representation. We don't exclude this as a representation that could be used, but it is not within our scope to define this.

- ISSUE-23: Authorized Representations and Dereferencing a WebID URI
  Proposal: this seems to contain a number of issues. The part that says
    "the dereferencing process be well defined" seems relevant to current debates.
     See next ISSUE.

- ISSUE-75: dereferencing process must be well defined
  Proposal: Open

- ISSUE-55: explore WebID URI-schema openness
 Proposal: close
          This was solved in the previous vote on HTTP URIs.

- ISSUE-74: revised WebID definition must be flowed through conceptual spec, removing hashURI specificity

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