Re: Problem with Hash based Linked Data URIs

On 2/16/13 10:27 AM, Henry Story wrote:
> I don' think that quite locates the problem at the right place.
> It would be completely feasible to have one #uri per vocabulary element, each at
> a different location. For example all of DBPedias resource URIs could just return
> the content inside so one could have
> defined by
All nice and easy to speculate about. You go tell the authors of the 
existing ontologies to make this change. I already told you a long time 
ago why we made specific decisions about DBpedia URIs. And as for 
DBpedia, you would like us to make the change above and mess everything 
up in the LOD cloud? Or you would like us to add a whole new batch of 
owl:sameAs relations?

Speculation is no justification for the notice in the WebID spec re. 
hashless HTTP URIs. As I've said, drop the unnecessary notice and this 
matter is closed.



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