Re: www-talk archives for 1993/1994?

 Hi Dan - it’s really up to the W3C to download the 1993/1994 www-talk archives from: <>

 and integrate them into: <>

 They’re completely welcome to - I am a bit surprised that those years are missing there after all this time. Now that I think about it, a lot of legal documents I’ve seen that reference 1993/1994 www-talk content use non-W3C URLs. It would be really nice to have everything in one place to prevent historical link rot and make it easier for researchers (and patent lawsuit defendants).

 — Kevin

On Aug 15, 2016, at 5:56 AM, Marc Weber <> wrote:
> I agree! I’ll let Kevin respond re how to go about.
> Best, Marc
>> On Aug 15, 2016, at 07:42, Dan Brickley <> wrote:
>> On 15 August 2016 at 15:00, Marc Weber <> wrote:
>>> Dear Dan,
>>> Kevin Hughes has had the talk and www-html archives up at
>>> since 1996; check out: He preserved
>>> them from EIT. I’ve copied Kevin re copying to
>> ...
>> It would be nice to have a copy stashed on too...

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