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RE: ACTION-57 done

From: <Cathy.Chan@nokia.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 22:08:58 +0000
To: <smoon@opera.com>, <public-webevents@w3.org>
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In 5.3.2 (example on changedTouches)
	document.write('Remaining on element: ' + ev.targetTouches.length);
In the code comments, the description was "Touch points left on element". The 
example uses ev.targetTouches.length to count the number of touch points that 
are currently on the "touchable" element.

However, this seems different from how targetTouches is defined:
	a list of Touches for every point of contact that is touching the surface and 
**started on** the element that is the target of the current event.
which, if I understand correctly, means that the touch had to have started on 
the "touchable" element in the first place to be reported in ev.targetTouches.

In other words, even though there is currently a touch point on the 
"touchable" element, ev.targetTouches.length could still be zero, if that 
touch point started elsewhere in the document. Likewise, that value could also 
be 2, if both touch points currently on the document originally started on the 
"touchable" element.

The example in 5.3.1 is also using ev.targetTouches.length in the same manner 
as in 5.3.2.

Given the definition of targetTouches (and the other attributes of 
TouchEvent), there is actually no easy way to determine how many touch points 
are currently on a particular element. Is that a problem?

- Cathy.

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Sorry for the long delay - I've addressed a proposal for ISSUE-18 and pushed 
it to the repo.

Probably needs some clean-up. (or making more minimal examples, not sure which 
direction is better)

Sangwhan Moon
Opera Software ASA | Skype: innodb1

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