Re: suggest to move weekly concall time from UTC 19:00 to different time.

2012/8/26 Harry Halpin <>

> On 08/26/2012 06:41 AM, Mountie Lee wrote:
>> Hi.
>> current weekly concall time is at UTC 19
>> UTC 19:00 is
>> 4:00 AM at Korea, Japan and
>> 3:00 AM at China.
>> I were try to join concall
>> but very difficult to be awake.
>> can we adjust the concall time to different time?
>> how about 15:00 UTC? or before 15:00 UTC?
> I do agree the time seems unfair to people in Korea/Japan/China. The
> reason we did this particular timezone was that we had no-one from these
> timezones plan to attend the call it appeared when the WG formed. Given
> that its hard to move WG times once established, we should poll.
Though I didn't join telcon in recent, it's not for timezone problem for
I think we already had a poll to fix telcon time in the past and many
people wanted that time including me.

I prefer to time for most active member to be joined although I lived in


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